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Mid Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team

Apple User Groups TAGteam currently serves Apple and/or Macintosh User Groups anywhere!

Who We Are: The Apple Groups Team

A combined effort to bring Macintosh Users Groups together. By joining forces, MUGs in the region can work together on events, showcases, product presentations and more. TAGteam is a cost-effective resource for both user groups and vendors.

See our Board of Directors: CLICK HERE

The original concept for TAGteam came after a regional user group dinner hosted by The User Group Alliance where most of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area's MUGs got together. Many of those groups' leaders talked about how couldn't get vendors to visit them based on the size of the group and/or the vendors' own costs and time constraints. After talking with other MUGs around the nation, we found that we were not unique in our frustration but all had the desire to come up with a solution.

For the User Group Leaders: We provide presentations, news (that isn't what you'll see everywhere else), product information, pricing exclusives and UG offers on only our "preferred" and tested products, vendor relations programs as well as events for groups to come together - all at no cost. For the Vendors, Manufacturers, Developers and Retailers: We can help with your user group presentations, product promotions, evaluations, communications, participation and user group relations - all at no cost.
REMEMBER! Our services are 100% FREE and we work hard in the same way(s) that you do.
After all, MUGs are really made up of volunteers and sometimes it helps to work together. We don't play politics, bad-mouth anyone, or anything else that doesn't keep MUG meetings interesting and FUN! Isn't that really the point? Even for businesses and resellers where, in some cases, participation may be mandatory, why shouldn't this be a great time with some great people like the ones we've found at every MUG in the region!
So what do we "get out of it?"
We hear that question a lot and the answer is simple. We LOVE to help and it is incredibly gratifying to be involved with such outstanding volunteers who share our affection for all things Apple. We are proud to work with those groups who have the best intentions but may not have all of the resources they need. In addition, we are very careful to only involve the finest presenters, trainers and vendors and
we DO NOT sell anything. Our trainers and presenters are permitted to offer their contact information for their services outside of the user group community but that is all.

If you are not sure...
If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE simply contact us. If you are not in our region but still would appreciate some help with your user group, PLEASE contact us. If you have a great idea that you think other user groups might appreciate, PLEASE contact us. It's all about working together and TAGteam mission is simply to help make that more possible for user groups, vendors and everyone involved.

The TAGteam Board of Directors

TAGteam - Daniel M. East

Daniel M. East, Founder and President: Beginning in Junior High School, and having "grown up with Apple" via school pilot programs, home use and User Groups, Dan has owned and/or operated nearly every model released by Apple and Power Computing for more than twenty years. He is a regular visitor to many of the MUGs that are a part of the TAGteam "iFamily," whether presenting or just for fun.

Dan is a member of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), a member of the Apple Developer Connection (ADC), member of The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), Fmr. Director of The Bucks & Montgomery Counties' Macintosh Users Group (Bux-Mont MUG), Fmr. regional director for The Association of Apple Computer Users and Groups (AACUG), Apple Consultant for Size Thirteen Server Solutions, List Manager for "1AppleFreeTech" online free tech support for MUG members, co-host on "Rich Levin's PC Talk - Mac Edition" radio program in Philadelphia and a freelance writer for various trade publications. including MacDesign Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine, Make Magazine, Macsimum Perspective, Graphic & Design Business, PrintMedia and other publications and magazines. Dan has also contributed to "How to Do Everything with iLife '04" (McGraw-Hill) and other Mac books. 

He has also be a featured presenter and volunteer at User Group Leadership Conferences, User Group Universities, MacWorld Expos and other professional conferences throughout the USA as well as a dynamic presenter at user group meetings throughout the region.

In addition, he was featured on "The MUG Report with Chuck Joiner" and featured in "The World Without Borders" online MUGchat. In his "day job," he is president of a national music promotion firm, a producer and musician, "all aspects of each," he adds, "use Macs."

TAGteam - Randy Decker

Randy Decker, Vice-President: Randy Decker has been an avid Mac enthusiast since 1990 when he began using a Macintosh IIci. His involvement in the user group community includes volunteering for various TAGteam events, MUGdinners, MacWorld Expo user group booths and additional trade shows/conferences.

He manages a graphic arts and web design career by day and pursues his interests in music, computer graphics, and cartooning by night. Randy is on the Board of Directors of the Bux-Mont Macintosh Users Group in Telford, PA, where he also serves as Webmaster. "I love the Mac because it allows the right side of my brain to do its thing without giving the left side a work out."

TAGteam - Jacki (Jax - MammaRoux) Moore

Jacki Moore, Treasurer/Events Coordinator: Jacki has used Apple Computers since she bought an Apple IIc in 1984. She has served MUGSNJ as hospitality chair, secretary, User Group liaison, Apple Ambassador and president and is also a member of SJAUG. Jacki has been the User Group Alliance’s NJ rep and has helped with planning and co-hosting several of their MacDinners as well as our own MUGdinners. Jax has been involved with Apple Demo days since the launch of the iMac and has volunteered at several MacWorld Expos and User Group Universities. Jacki is most proud of her involvement with MUGs supporting the USIA's Kosovo Refugee Internet Assistance Initiative in 1998 and participating in the first MacBeginnings group at MWE 2000.

Jacki has been the recipient of the 1999 Gloucester County College President’s Medallion for Leadership and Service, The Chapel of the Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Award in May of 2002, and the Garden State Woman of the Year 2002, but her favorite honor is that of being named “Official Mom of the USS Elrod, FFG-55”. Jax holds a degree in Computer Graphic Art. Her favorite things to do, besides using any of her 3 Macs and spending time with her husband, 3 adult children and her dog, include her activities, attending the New Orleans Jazz Fest and other music festivals with Pet De Kat Krewe, Zydeco dancing and Cajun and Italian cooking!

TAGteam - James O. (Jim) Anderson

Jim Anderson, Public Relations Officer: Jim Anderson is President (for life) of the South Jersey Apple User Group (SJAUG), a member of TAGteam as well as a member of The New Jersey User Group Coalition. SJAUG has an active community support program that recycles older Macs to deserving students, churches and community organizations. Jim starting using computers in the days of IBM "Big Iron" and punch cards during the 70s but quickly welcomed Apple computers starting with the introduction of the Apple //e (in 1983) and moved up to the Macintosh.

He is Assistant Director of Institutional Research and Planning at Rowan University dealing with number crunching and statistical analysis. In addition, Jim administers a LAN with both Mac and PC clients. After working with PCs all day, he enjoys returning to an all Mac house with computers that work "with you rather than against you."

TAGteam - Gail M. Murphy
Gail M. Murphy, Program Administrator: In addition to her wealth of expertise and experience in the user groups community, expos, leadership conferences and community events, Gail is also founder of WiredWomen in Vermont which continues to be a model group in the user group community designed for the purposes of educating and training computer users in an environment where even a beginner would not feel intimidated. Her concept: "Share your knowledge.. spread the wealth," With a focus towards programs for women, Gail lead a successful user group, planned meetings and provided a rich content free of charge.

In addition, Gail is a member of The Apple Consultants Network and serves as local Vermont chapter coordinator, organizing meetings and providing content for seminars. As if that weren't enough, Gail has also founded 'WiredOne Training and Travel' which focuses on teaching classes from a mobile lab, providing iBooks, networking and core curriculum for students. In her spare time.. she occasionally sleeps!!

TAGteam - Dennis Sellers

Dennis Sellers, Technologies Director, is founder and Chief Macsimizer for Macsimum News. Prior to this he was a newspaper editor/reporter (seven years) and teacher (seven years). During Sellers' varied communications career, he has had over 3,000 magazine and newspaper articles published. I've written about comics (for Comic Book Heroes), fitness (Muscular Development), photography (Rangefinder, Digital Camera Magazine), education (for Journal Communications in Brentwood, TN), and a wide range of other subjects, including, of course, Macs (for MacCentral and MacMinute).

For two years he wrote character development material for children in grades K-4 as part of the award-winning Project Solution collaboration between The Tennessean newspaper and the Nashville school system. His degrees include a B.S. in communications (with an English minor), a M.Ed in special education, as well as a Tennessee teaching certificate. s include a B.S. in communications (with an English minor) and a M.Ed in special education, as well as a Tennessee teaching certificate.

Sellers lives in a suburb of Nashville (Goodlettsville) with his wife, son, daughter, three dogs and two cats. When he's not writing about or playing with Macs, he's usually playing sports (softball, basketball or flag football) or involved in church work.

To learn more about our Presenters and Trainers, CLICK HERE.

TAGteam is a continuing effort to promote cooperation, camaraderie and collective efforts with Apple / Macintosh User Groups 100% free of charge.

We have great pride in our reputation for integrity, honesty and dedication to supporting user groups everywhere. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do that might be helpful for your group.

Thank you.

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