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Mid Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team

Sponsors & Contributors: The Apple Groups Team

If you have a special offer for our member groups and their members, contact us and we'll be happy to work with you. Read on for a list of our supporting sponsors and contributors in our "Preferred Providers" list.

What do the vendors, resellers, manufacturers and developers say about TAGteam? Read quotes here.

We have also reviewed a large number of product reviews which your MUG can reproduce in your own newsletters (with proper attribution, of course.) CLICK HERE

TAGteam can review products, promote products, showcase products and, where appropriate, evaluate/develop a user group program that can ultimately reach out to the entire global MUG community and it is entirely 100% free for the vendors, our members and everyone involved.

Here's how it works:
As a developer, vendor, manufacturer; we will review your product, send out the review to our leaders from more than forty Apple and Macintosh Users Groups (each group having up to 300 members in some cases) and can promote an exclusive TAGteam members pricing special to support that review.

Why exclusively?
Well, that's a temporary matter. Once we feel confident that both the product and offer meet the quality and value standards of our members, we continue to promote your offer along to other user group organizations and to Apple, itself, so that your offer gets to the people who potentially use your products.

Do we say "no?"
Oh, yes. In fact, TAGteam will not promote or present a product that we don't feel is appropriate and/or of the quality that MUG members have come to expect from our team.

Vendors talk about working with TAGteam
"As our new products are developed and released, we know that Mac users will hear about them and give us their feedback through the team at TAGteam. It is an organization that works with us by providing information from 'the trenches' to apply as we develop better products based on the needs of the real-life users and to better understand our customers through user groups." - Rick Estes, President/QuickerTek, Inc.

"Since our earliest release of Slick Volume 1, the people behind TAGteam have supported our products and increased our visibility to the user group community and the media." - Bruce Gee, President/GeeThree Software

"Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the people behind TAGteam, we've seen a tenfold increase in the usage of our product, with new users added daily. Because of this high profile exposure to so many Mac User Groups, we've been able to utilize the feedback from them as we continue to make Yasu an outstanding product that responds to our customers' needs." - Jim Mitchell, President/Jim Mitchell Designs - YASU

"Working with the TAGteam staff since their earliest days has helped us reach a new audience, and to hear from that audience, with regard to our products. As a professional audio company, it was never our original intent to have such a great involvement in the user groups community, but we are thrilled by the visibility that has come from it. TAGteam demystifies the technologies for its members and has helped our business find a larger audience." - Marty Garcia, President/Future Sonics, Inc.

"We rely on Mac User Groups to stay in touch with the Mac community and we rely on the people at TAGTeam to stay in touch with Mac User Groups. TAGTeam helps us meet, understand and communicate with the Macintosh opinion leaders who support our efforts to provide first class software for the Macintosh platform." - Michael Herrick/Matterform Media

Would you like to be a part of this free program?
Contact us by sending and email to " ." with your name, company name, products(s) you would like evaluated and the URL for more information and we'll get you started. That's it! Everyone benefits since MUGs place our reviews in their newsletters, web sites and paperwork/flyers to their members and in retail stores (in some cases).

Here are just a few of the wonderful companies - which you already know - that have contributed to TAGteam programs, events and special program offerings:


ADS Technologies
Allume Systems
Apple Retail
Atomic Learning
Casady and Greene
CE Software
Chaotic Software
Chronos L.C.
Circus Ponies
Computer Forum, The
Creo Inc. - Creative Software
Delicious Monster
Digital Hotcakes
FileMaker, Inc.
Future Sonics, Inc.
Garage Games
GeeThree Software
IK Multimedia
Insider Software
Harman Industries
Koingo Software

Matterform Software
Microsoft/MindShare UG Program
MovieWorks/Interactive Solutions
New Riders
Nik Multimedia
O'Reilly Publications
Other World Computing
Paraglyph Press
Peach Pit Press
Proteron Audio
RecoSoft Corporation
Road Tools
Shaun Jackson Design
Sierra Software
Size Thirteen Music
Spire USA
Stupendous Software
ToonBoom Technologies
VSE Software
Virtual Training Company (VTC)
WaterField Designs
WebRoot Software

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