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Mid Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team

Product Reviews: The Apple Groups Team

Our product reviews and articles
may be reproduced in your MUG's newsletter with proper attribution as indicated in each PDF.

We are always looking for great startup developers, new hardware companies and independent products to showcase as well as the major product releases. Our reviews look at products the way you would, in plain english as everyday Mac users, so that you might get an idea of what could work for you. Contact us to submit your product for review.

All reviews are in PDF and can be viewed with Preview, Adobe Reader or other freeware tools.

You can also access these and other reviews at Macsimum News, MacDesign Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine, Make Magazine, The User Group Network and other outlets.

Are you a developer, manufacturer and/or other vendor looking for exposure, evaluations in real life applications and reaching a huge audience of dedicated end users that ARE your target audience? Contact us to arrange for your product to be reviewed.

Frank Petrie:
Kicking the Tires

Daniel M. East:
Real People Reviews

Audio Postcard
Blaze by Koingo Software

CheckBook by Splazm Software
CopyPaste X by Script Software
CubeMovie by Benoit Joossen
D-Link DFB-H7 Hub
Deep Vacuum v9
Dent Du Midi by Berry Rindaldo
Detour by Rogue Amoeba
Ears™ model EM3 by Future Sonics
Fireconnect for Notebooks
Font Agent Pro by Insider Software
iBlog by Lifli Software
iClip 2.6
iClock by Script Software
Internet Cleanup 1.1x
iPod Battery Replacement Kit by ResQ Systems
iPod Rip by The Little App Factory
KeepAnEye 1.7 by Inferiis
LaunchBar by Objective Development
MacReporter by Inferiis
MacSkate by Marathon Computer
Movie Maestro by SmartSound
Nicecast by Rogue Amoeba
Omni Graffle Pro 3.1.2 by The Omni Group
Omni Outliner 2.2x
Omni Web 4.5
Panther: The First 100 Days
QuicKeys X2 by CE Software
Sente by Third Street Software
ShapeShifter by Unsanity
SightLight by Griffin Technology
SpamSieve by C-Command Software
Speed Download by YazSoft
SuperDuper by Shirt Pocket Software
ViewIt by HexCat Software
X Overload by X Overload Development
Yasu by Jim Mitchell Designs

BackJack by Sinetics Business Solutions (courtesy of MacDesign)
Bonzai Upgradeable FlashDrive Keychain by SimpleTech

Boston or Bust: Pros & Cons - Macworld Expo 2004
Browsing the Web Browsers Article (Courtesy of Macsimum News)
Burning Monkey Solitaire by Freeverse Software
Business Card Composer by BeLight Software
C-82 InkJet Printer by Epson
C-84 InkJet Printer by Epson
CanoScan 9950F by Canon (courtesy of Photoshop User)
d2 Double Layer DVD drive by LaCie (courtesy of MacDesign)
DesignJet 130nr by HP (courtesy of MacDesign)
Desktop Collage by Aksima
Digital Rebel by Canon & 945 Digital by HP Cameras
DiMage A200 Digital Camera by Konica/Minolta (courtesy of MacDesign)
DiskWarrior 2 by Alsoft
Down & Dirty Tricks/Photoshop CS by Scott Kelby
DragonBurn 4 by NewTech InfoSystems (courtesy of MacDesign)
Eggplant 1.5 by Redstone Software
Email Extractor by MacProg
External FireWire Hard Drive by Other World Computing
FlipAlbum Pro by e-Book Systems
FootTrack by T-Squared Software (courtesy of MacDesign)
Freehand 10 by Macromedia
Headsets for portable phones (article)
How to: Your Best Web Hosting (article)
3380 All-In-One by HP
3700nd Laser Printer by HP (courtesy of MacDesign)
4650n Color LaserJet by HP (courtesy of MacDesign)
iBook G4/14" by Apple
iGlasses by eCamm
iListen 1.6.4 by MacSpeech
Illustrator CS by Adobe
InDesign 3.0 by Adobe
Informator by End If (courtesy of MacDesign)
i9900 Photo Color Ink Jet by Canon (courtesy of Photoshop User)
iPod shuffle by Apple (courtesy of UGN)
iSight by Apple (courtesy of MUG)
iWatermark by Script Software (courtesy of MacDesign)
Jim Mitchell Interview (Yasu developer - courtesy of Macsimum News)
Kodak Digital ROC, SHO, GEM pro plug-ins by Kodak ASF
Laptop Armor by Matias
LogoCreator by MacXware
Los Lonely Boys - Real Music Review (courtesy of Macsimum News)
.Mac by Apple
MacFonts 1&2 by MacXware (courtesy of UGN)
Macworld Expo San Francisco 2004 (article)
MenuMachine by Big Bang Software
MercuryPro Ext. SuperDrive by Other World Computing
Mercury "On the Go" external FireWire enclosure by Other World Computing
NewsFire RSS Reader by David Watanabe Software
Nik ColorEfex Pro by Nik Multimedia
NikSharpener Pro! by Nik Multimedia
Mac OS X Killer Tips by Scott Kelby
Office for Mac OSX by Microsoft
Office 2004 for Mac OSX by Microsoft (courtesy of MacDesign)
O'Reilly OS X Conference 2004 (courtesy of User Group Network)
Paper Mill, The - selecting ink jet papers (courtesy of Photoshop User)
Peak 4 by Bias
Perfection 4990 Scanner by Epson (courtesy of Layers Magazine)
Photoshop CS by Adobe
Photoshop CS Killer Tips by Scott Kelby & Felix Nelson
Powerbook 15" 1.5 Ghz by Apple
PowerMail by CTS Development
PowerMate by Griffin Technologies (courtesy of MacDesign)
ProTouch by iSkin
QuarkXpress 6.1 by Quark
QuickerTek Whip Antenna for TiBooks
QuickerTek Whip Antenna - Rev. 2
RePorter by Marathon Computer
ScreenSavRz & PowerSleevz by RadTech (Courtesy of Macsimum News)
ShutterBug by XtraLean Software (Courtesy of Layers Magazine)
SlopeRider by Monte Boyd Interactive
SpamFire 1.0 by Matterform
SpamFire 1.5x by Matterform
Squeezebox by Slim Devices
Stitcher 4 by RealViz (courtesy of
Stupendous Bundle for iMovie from Stupendous Software
Stylus Photo 2200 (revisited) by Epson
Summer NAMM 2004 (courtesy of Macsimum Perspsective)
Summer's Gone by Nik Everett - Real Music Reviews™ (courtesy of Macsimum News)
TactilePro Keyboard by Matias
Toast 6 by Roxio
Toast 6 with Jam by Roxio (courtesy of MacDesign)
ToonBoom Studio 2.5 by Toon Boom Software
Ultra-Mini Optical Mouse by Targus
Watson by Karelia Software
Webstractor by SoftChaos (courtesy of MacDesign)
Whip Pro 5.5dB WiFi Antenna by QuickerTek (courtesy of MacsimumNews)
WorkStrip by SoftChaos (courtesy of MacDesign)
Yin & Yang of OS X Shareware (courtesy of MacsimumNews)
You Control by You Software (courtesy of MacDesign)
You Control Fonts by You Software (courtesy of MacDesign)

Would you like your hardware, software, book or event reviewed by TAGteam? Our articles reach each newsletter editor of all of our member Apple/Macintosh User Groups around the world. In addition, we can demo your product in our live presentations. for more info!

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