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Mid Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team

Apple User Groups
Presentations: The Apple Groups Team

We can work with your MUG on providing presentations for both your own meetings as well as collective events whereby several MUGs would participate and a central location. Our key motivation is to work together to keep things fun and interesting. After all, we are all volunteers sharing a common interest and if its not fun, we'll all miss out. You can even request a presentation right now online!

Shawn King of Your Mac Life Apple Store Grand Opening with regional leadership Dave and Theresa Marra - User Group Heroes!

We'd also like to simply visit your MUG and can review our visit to help you promote your MUG. Plus, its all FREE for MUGs listed with the Apple User Group Locator, UGN, APCUG or other of our member organizations within the Mid-Atlantic region.

Some examples of these might be:
Mac Maintainance and when to call for service
Beyond iMovie: iLife "on Steriods!"
DVD Studio Pro vs. iDVD
Intro to Apple Works
Intro to Audio Formats
Intro to GoLive
Intro to Photoshop
BSA Software Security/Piracy
Apple Products and Demos
Creating Effective Ads in Illustrator
Small Business Promotion Tips/Tricks
Musicians' World: Use your MaximumMac!
AirPort Extreme: wireless to WIFI
Where to Buy: Local vs. Catalog vs. Web
MUG Dinners
Fund Raisers
Reseller Relations and Your MUG
Vendor Relations and Your MUG
Highlights of The Web
Web Shopping: From Auction to Price Searches
Recruitment Methods for New Memberships
Publicize Your MUG: Free PR to increase visibility
and many more! We can work with you on many times of presentations.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting presentation or just to have us visit your MUG or to provide materials for a TAGteam presentation for your company/organization

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