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Mid Atlantic Macintosh User Groups Team

Apple User Groups TAGteam currently serves Apple/Macintosh User Groups
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How to Join: The Apple Groups Team

If you'd like to join TAGteam, all you need to know is this: It's 100% free and it's easy to join. All we ask is that you add our badge to your group's website (with pride, we hope!) This information is NEVER released publicly or privately to anyone (aside from meeting information and group URL which are posted to this site).

Moe Comeau and Co. Apple's Dave Marra with UG Campus Reps David Davis

If your browser doesn't support forms or if you have trouble, simply highlight the below information and copy/paste it into an email message to " ."

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PRESS SEND ONLY ONCE and then continue to navigate the site. If you do not hear from us within (seven) 7 business days, please send us a message to
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Please link to us from your MUG's site - member or not! If your MUG is in our area or anywhere, we'd appreciate your support. Simply copy the below image to your hard drive (control+click in MSIE or click and hold in Netscape or other browser) and link this image to us at: "" or insert the code shown in your HTML via copy/paste (highlight the text and press COMMAND +C to copy; COMMAND + V to paste into HTML.) Thank you!

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