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Sarah Friedlander at MUG event/Macworld SF 2005
Apple Campus Rep.,
Sarah Friedlander (CGAB)

Macintosh User Groups
Welcome to The Apple Groups Team (TAGteam)*
formerly The Mid-Atlantic Apple & Macintosh User Groups Team (MaMUGs)
*Not affiliated with Apple Computer.

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What is TAGteam?
Our mission is to encourage cooperation, camaraderie, collective events & continuous support between user groups, vendors, manufacturers, developers and resellers.

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TAGteam a division of The Apple Groups Team (TAGteam)
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Macintosh User Groups
Vendors talk about working with TAGteam
"As our new products are developed and released, we know that Mac users will hear about them and give us their feedback through the team at TAGteam. It is an organization that works with us by providing information from 'the trenches' to apply as we develop better products based on the needs of the real-life users and to better understand our customers through user groups." - Rick Estes, President/QuickerTek, Inc.

"Since our earliest release of Slick Volume 1, the people behind TAGteam have supported our products and increased our visibility to the user group community and the media." - Bruce Gee, President/GeeThree Software

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The Apple Groups Team
Don't sit under the apple tree...climb it! Macintosh User Groups
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Macintosh User Groups
    The Apple Groups Team live iChat presentations
Some of our offerings...
  • On-Site Presentations
  • Combined MUG Events /MUGdinners
  • Live MUG Presentations via iChat
  • Member Recruitment
  • Event Promotion
  • Free MUG Tech Support eList
  • "A MUG's iView" Leaders' eList Listserv
  • Reseller/Vendor Relations Programs
  • Apple Retail Store Relationship Programs
  • New Product Information
  • iPod Accessories Presentations
  • Vendor Special Offers and Promotions

Dave Marra, Steve Wozniak, TAGteam' Daniel East, Chuck Joiner
Photo L>R: Dave Marra (Apple);
Steve Wozniak (Wheels of Zeus);
Daniel East (TAGteam) and
Chuck Joiner (MUG Center)
Photo courtesy MD Apple Corps

The Apple Groups Team - TAGteam
Manufacturer or vendor?TAGteam
Are you a vendor, software/hardware developer, accessory or other Mac product company? TAGteam can distribute special offers, present your products and/or offer presentations for your company - free of charge! We help get the word out for you. Contact us for details!
Software developer?
Are you a premier software company, developer or startup software developer looking for exposure for your new item? Want to get your product(s) right to the people who use them? Do you need some new ideas to "spice up" your MUG meetings? We can help! Contact us for details!
MUG organizations
We work with many additional user group organizations to provide the best services and resources available for our members! MUGs working together to keep meetings, events, Mac User Group Dinners and presentations interesting, informative and most of all...FUN! Sign up now!
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